Winter Clothing | ASL Ponderings | Vlogmas

Video: Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day seven! I’m coming to you with a little bit odd post today. A person commented on my Disabled Online Interactions video, I’ll show it here. Basically, the person is asking how do deaf people communicate in the winter? Can we understand each other with gloves? That kind ofContinue reading “Winter Clothing | ASL Ponderings | Vlogmas”

Fingerspelling 2 | ASL Ponderings

Video: Note: This is a transcript that has been lightly edited, but mainly left alone to reflect the ASL signs and such. I asked those who follow me on Instagram what the topic of the next video should be: queer or ASL? The votes for ASL won, so here you go. (In case you missedContinue reading “Fingerspelling 2 | ASL Ponderings”

Etymology | ASL Ponderings (sorta)

Video: Note: I attempt to notate some signs, so I would suggest you watch the video if you want to be clear on what the sign looks like. Also, fs is short for fingerspelling. Hello, welcome back! I was unsure about labeling this as an ASL Ponderings because this is more focused on linguistics and analyzing theContinue reading “Etymology | ASL Ponderings (sorta)”