Geographical Representation | ASL Ponderings

Video: New ASL ponderings! Hello and welcome. Today I want to talk about something that sometimes is confusing to ASL students. As you saw from the title, I want to talk about signs relating to geography. I sometimes will see people think that you need to sign it as the other person would see … Continue reading Geographical Representation | ASL Ponderings

Symbols of Representation | ASL Ponderings

Video: I’m going to try to do this with minimal editing, because I’m on a time crunch and I don’t want to take 500 years doing this post/video. So. Hello and welcome! Today’s another ASL Ponderings. What I want to talk about today is representation of a community. Now, if you don’t know, lately, there’s … Continue reading Symbols of Representation | ASL Ponderings

Winter Clothing | ASL Ponderings | Vlogmas

Video: Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day seven! I'm coming to you with a little bit odd post today. A person commented on my Disabled Online Interactions video, I'll show it here. Basically, the person is asking how do deaf people communicate in the winter? Can we understand each other with gloves? That kind of … Continue reading Winter Clothing | ASL Ponderings | Vlogmas