Queer Lit Recs 3 | BookTube

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome! Today is the third video of recommending specifically queer lit. I will be just going through the titles and authors, adding brief information for some of them. The Sidekick Squad series written by C.B. Lee is fantastic! Not Your Sidekick is from Jessica Tran’s perspective, a bisexual girl. Not YourContinue reading “Queer Lit Recs 3 | BookTube”

Round 5 Announcement | Queer Lit Readathon

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome! Today, we’re announcing round FIVE of the Queer Lit Readathon. It feels strange to be saying that, but it’s great! As always, Kathy and I are co-hosting this and as always, we have a guest co-host. But this time around, it’s two! Rebecca and Sarah from the Tea Hags willContinue reading “Round 5 Announcement | Queer Lit Readathon”

The library saved me so much $$$ in 2019 | BookTube

I know we’re well into 2020, but I recently discovered a BookTuber named iLivieforbooks that has captioned videos, and I’ve been binge watching them. I saw one video that Livvie did at the end of last year, and thought that I’d love to know this too. I’ll link here, and you can probably guess whatContinue reading “The library saved me so much $$$ in 2019 | BookTube”

December Books Wrap Up | BookTube

*claps* Let’s get into this. Hello I’m Rogan and welcome to my wrap up of December books. This month, I read a ridiculous amount, finishing at 17 books. Six of those were for the Queer Lit Readathon. Rather than repeating the summaries here, I’ll tell you the names of them and link the full readathonContinue reading “December Books Wrap Up | BookTube”

Top 10 Queer Books of 2019 | BookTube | Vlogmas

Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 23. Today I will tell you my top 10 queer books of 2019. As of filming this, I’ve finished 122 books this year, and 52 of those are queer. I narrowed it down to 10. I originally thought about doing five, but narrowing down to ten was hard enough.Continue reading “Top 10 Queer Books of 2019 | BookTube | Vlogmas”