December Books Wrap Up | BookTube

*claps* Let’s get into this. Hello I’m Rogan and welcome to my wrap up of December books. This month, I read a ridiculous amount, finishing at 17 books. Six of those were for the Queer Lit Readathon. Rather than repeating the summaries here, I’ll tell you the names of them and link the full readathonContinue reading “December Books Wrap Up | BookTube”

Top 10 Queer Books of 2019 | BookTube | Vlogmas

Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 23. Today I will tell you my top 10 queer books of 2019. As of filming this, I’ve finished 122 books this year, and 52 of those are queer. I narrowed it down to 10. I originally thought about doing five, but narrowing down to ten was hard enough.Continue reading “Top 10 Queer Books of 2019 | BookTube | Vlogmas”

Queer Lit Readathon 2020 Dates | Vlogmas

Hello and welcome! As you can already tell from the title, this will be the dates for the Queer Lit Readathon in 2020. Kathy and I decided we wanted to plan ahead for the year, and give you all the chance to put these on your calendars well in advance. Round 5 will be happeningContinue reading “Queer Lit Readathon 2020 Dates | Vlogmas”

Library Again | Vlog | Vlogmas

[Driving down a tree-lined road. The side of an apartment building covered in very bright and colorful flowers. Boomerang of a knife chopping up ginger, text reads “Making our own ginger beer! Let’s see how this turns out *heart eyes emoji*. Boomerang of a metal cup, brown liquid inside being stirred, text reads “First, makeContinue reading “Library Again | Vlog | Vlogmas”

November Books Wrap Up | BookTube | Vlogmas

Hello, and welcome to my November books wrap up. This month, I read 11 books. Six of those were either graphic novels or manga. First this month, I read Truly Devious. It’s about Stevie Bell who got accepted to a prestigious school, Ellingham Academy. That academy will accept students from varied backgrounds. Students pay nothing,Continue reading “November Books Wrap Up | BookTube | Vlogmas”

Round 4 Wrap Up | Queer Lit Readathon | Vlogmas

Hello, and welcome to my wrap up for Queer Lit Readathon Round 4. I’m actually finishing a little bit early, the readathon doesn’t end until midnight today. But I’m going ahead and ending because I did what I can. My TBR had eight books. I actually finished six, a little more than halfway through one,Continue reading “Round 4 Wrap Up | Queer Lit Readathon | Vlogmas”

Sept. & Oct. Books Wrap Up | BookTube | Vlogmas

Hello, and welcome to my really, really, really late wrap up for September and October. I’m going ahead and combining both into this video, just because I didn’t have a TON each month. I’m just going to jump into the books, because I have several to get through. The first book I read in SeptemberContinue reading “Sept. & Oct. Books Wrap Up | BookTube | Vlogmas”