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Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome! The 12th round of Queer Lit Readathon is here! To the surprise of no one, I didn’t get my announcement or TBR post out on time, but it’s here now. I’m going to keep this very short and to the point. This round is happening December 3rd to 9th. Kathy and I are cohosts as always, and this round it’s two guest hosts! We have Bear Lee, who is a debut author and a BookTuber. We also have Luce from Lucy Reads Things. If you’re looking for some recommendations, check out our Instagram and/or Twitter where we all give you a few for some of the prompts of this round. I will go ahead and link you to the other announcement videos, and my website if you want to read all the details. The description box of the video will be full of links, including all of our TBRs!

I’m going to do this by telling you what I plan to read, and what challenges they will cover, instead of doing that separately. Again, if you want to see a list of just the challenges, you can go to my website for that.

We’ll start with Tim te Maro and the Subterranean Heartsick Blues by H.S. Valley. This is one of the three Group Reads this round, the other two being The Sunbearer Trials by Aiden Thomas and You Exist Too Much by Zaina Arafat. Tim te Maro will also cover Southern Hemisphere Author, Progress Pride Flag because it has the colors of the pansexual flag,and it’ll also fall into Choose Your Own Category, which I’m saying is Magical.

Second, I’ll be reading Lakelore by Anna-Marie McLemore. This will be filling Small Town Queers. I will also be using this to fill Most Recently Acquired, even though it’s not technically my most recent. I’ve already read my most recent queer acquisitions, this is the most recent that I haven’t read yet. And finally, this appeared on a Staff Picks list for my library, so it’ll cover Librarian Recommendation.

Next, I want to read the second volume of Cosmoknights. The Continued prompt will be covered by this, as well as Graphic Novel. The first volume was recommended by Kathy for the Escape prompt, and the second also fits it.

Finally, I’ll be re-reading Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas. This will cover two prompts, Holiday and Relatable. Holiday because it’s in the lead up to Día de Muertos, and Relatable because I just love these characters and can relate to quite a few aspects of them.

You may be going wait, that can’t be all of the prompts or books. It indeed is all of the books, but there are a few more prompts. I typically shoot for a full blackout of the bingo board, but that won’t happen this time around. I just know I won’t have the energy to do that. Also, I won’t be able to fulfill the Former DNF prompt, because I don’t have any intentional DNFs. The other prompts are By/About a Drag Performer, Self-Pubbed/Small Press, and Middle Grade. If I actually do finish all of my books and have more time, I might pick up another, but we’ll see.

That’s all I have today! Don’t forget, if you want more details or information, there will be plenty of links in the video for you to check out! What will you be reading this round? Let me know in the comments. Bye.

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