Well, damn.

So… Here we are again. I fully accept that I am TERRIBLE at updating my website. The last was in February. FEBRUARY! Ay. So at the end of this post are links to all the videos I’ve posted since then. Okay so where do I begin for an update? Frontrunners is now over, we finished in mid-May. That was an amazing experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If you qualify and are interested in going, I would recommend it without hesitation. With that over, I stopped in Rochester for a couple weeks before heading home – where I am right now. That was nice, seeing friends for a bit before coming back home, and I got to go to the Convo community event on June 4th. Basically, just a giant social and they were doing a first screening of the Rochester community video. That video was beautiful! (You can find it on Convo’s Facebook page or YouTube.) A lot of people there! There were people from Rochester obviously, but quite a few from Canada because it’s so close, and a lot came because they wanted to see Nyle DiMarco, who was the event host. Mostly it was just relaxing and starting the job search in Rochester. Now back home, I am still searching for a job (first time that I’ve actually had to look for one outside of RIT!) and hoping I can find something soon. I’m trying to keep my options open but am definitely hoping to find a job in Rochester, or in the area. I don’t know what else to write so I’ll stop here, try to be better at posting (I know, I know, I say this every time but I really do want to do better!), and I’ll see you soon hopefully!


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A Week in Sweden!


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Blokhus/End of Europe

1 Second Everyday: Frontrunners

Kayaking with Frontrunners

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