VidCon Small YouTuber Tag 2018


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Yes, this means I’m going to VidCon!

Today I’m doing the VidCon Small YouTuber Tag 2018. This is my first time going to VidCon, therefore it’s my first time doing this tag! Let’s do this.

1. Introduce yourself. Hi, I’m Rogan. I live in Washington, the state, and I do videos on whatever interests me, because this channel is my name and I can do what I want. That can cover books, ASL and being deaf, queer stuff, and much more!

2. Why are you going to VidCon? This is a great opportunity to meet all my online friends in person, and go to a lot of great panels/workshops with awesome people and learn stuff.

3. What are you most excited for about VidCon? Meeting all my friends, duh. And all of our hijinks that are certain to happen. I will also be flying into LA a week early to visit friends who live in the area, so I’m looking forward to that!

4. What are you least excited for about VidCon? *glances around and whispers* The people. I mean people as a whole, not individual people, as in crowds. But honestly, if you like crowds… Uhm.

5. What are you bringing to VidCon? Well, you and my camera, obviously. I probably will bring my GoPro as well, but I can’t bring too much since I’ll be flying. And I’ll be traveling for nearly a month, so I definitely want to pack light.

6. If VidCon let you create a panel or event, what would it be and who would be a part of it? I would want to create a panel of all deaf YouTubers, because we all have wildly different experiences on YouTube. People who speak only have a different experience than those who sign only, or those who do both. Off the top of my head, the people I’d want on this panel are Jessica Flores, Rikki Poynter, Abby Sams, Monsieur Lucas Wild, Jonna Delvert. The last two aren’t Americans (French and Swedish, respectively), so that adds another dimension to their experience on YouTube.

7. What does your ideal day at VidCon look like? This is my first time, so I don’t entirely know what to expect from this. But I would say getting up early, getting there as soon as the center opens and exploring what’s on the expo floor then going to all the panels. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m excited for this part, learning cool things from people who know their stuff. And of course, meeting all my online friends and making new friends. I am also looking forward to all the collabs that probably will happen, so if you want to do one, let me know and we’ll make it happen. Maybe going to some of the night events, chatting with people until it’s very late in the night, go to sleep, wake up, and repeat. Who knows, I might get some editing in there! …Probably not though.

And that’s it for this tag! If you’re going, you’re a small creator, and you haven’t been tagged, consider it done. I leave in less than a month from now, and I am SO EXCITED! Let me know in the comments if you’re going, and if you’ve gone before, any tips you have for a first-timer. Also, if you are going this year, what panel are you most excited for?

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