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Hello and welcome to my Queer Lit Readathon TBR. If you missed the announcement for this, I suggest you watch that or read it first. So today, I will tell you the books that I plan to read for this readathon. I will go through the name of the book, and what challenges I picked it for. Sure, some of them will cover more challenges than what I tell you, but I’m focusing on which ones I picked them for.

This readathon has 16 challenges. I picked eight books. I know. I don’t know if I’ll actually finish all eight in one week, but we’ll see. I picked those eight because I’m trying to get a blackout of all 16 challenges. I’ll tell you the books now!

We Set the Dark on Fire. This is the Group Read. It also meets POC Author, and Character, I assume.

I Wish You All the Best. This meets three: New Author, #ownvoices, and Trans Spectrum Main Character. This just released, I’m waiting for my pre-order to arrive in the mail. It should arrive in a few days!

Red, White, and Royal Blue. This is also a preorder! This covers two – Book Recommendation. A few of my friends got ARCs, and said it’s a must-read. Second, See Yourself. They have a bi character in this, apparently.

Boy Erased. It fits three: Rainbow Cover, Choose Your Own – I decided on Memoir, and Non-Fiction.

The Witch Boy meets two: Middle Grade and Graphic Novel.

The Song of Achilles covers two, Fantasy and Historical Fiction.

As I Descended. One challenge, Disabled Main Character.

The last book has an appropriate title. The End of Eddy, and it fits Translated.

That’s the eight books I hope to read during this week. Also be sure to check out my co-hosts’ TBRs! What are you reading? Reading any of the same books as me? Let me know below.

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