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Hello and welcome. I just wanted to give you a life update, because I know I’ve been making videos, but not really telling you much about my personal life, so here you go. For those who may be behind on my life, or those who follow me, who don’t really know me in personal life.

It’s come up often with people that I know, and I thought I had already put it out there. I realized that, right, I haven’t really made this public information, but… I just finished an online interpreting class, DITO (Deaf Interpreter Training Online). I just finished. Sigh of relief. A little disappointed, because I will miss the discussions, learning people’s perspectives, interesting stuff. Of course, I will still keep in touch with some of these people, of course. But… Still, it’s not the same. At the same time, I’m happy to be done and finished. No more homework, no more! I’m not yet certified. Right now, at this point, in May 2019. We, deaf interpreters, it’s impossible to become certified. Like actually certified, not temporarily, or for now. We can’t. Because of the whole RID situation. So… They say it will be available and ready for the proficiency test in January 2020. Really? They’ve been saying that for the past… I don’t know how long. They keep saying next year, next. Will, will. Putting it off, and off, and off. Which is… Annoying. But. I will probably try to take the written test… Soon. When, I don’t know. There is the Deaf Interpreter Conference III, DIC3, at the end of June. I will try to go to that, but we’ll see about money. I don’t know if I can afford it. I’m not sure about that right now. If I do go, they said that they will have the written test available there, so I will take that opportunity.

That’s one big part. The job search is still ongoing. I may go ahead and do part-time or even full-time, doing… I don’t know. Something, a job that’s temporary until I find what I really want to do, or until I can do deaf interpreting as full-time, or living wage. So if you happen to know anything that might work for me, let me know.

About travel. Some of you already know I was in DC recently for work. Now, work. That doesn’t mean ongoing, stable hours, no. It was a one-week period of work. That was a lot of fun. I did think about doing a vlog, but ended up not having much video. If you’re curious, and want to see what I did in DC, I have Instagram posts, go check those out, link here.

Right now, I just packed, back here. You can’t really see, but I have a few backpacks back there. I will go camping this weekend, Memorial weekend. I’m leaving tomorrow morning, gone until Monday. I don’t know when I’m back. Doing things at Alta Lake. I’m excited for that. A group of friends are going together.

Upcoming, I’ve already mentioned DIC3 in… Oh, I didn’t say where. DIC3 will be in Oregon, Monmouth. At Western Oregon University, WOU. I will be going mid-June for two of my friends who are graduating. One is graduating from WOU, the other one is graduating from PSU, Portland State University. I will–yes! Their graduations are a day apart, so perfect. I will go to one, finish there, go see the next one. So I will be in Oregon at the end of June either way. For the graduations or the conference, or both. Hopefully both. That’s my next month or so of travel.

I guess that’s the major things. Of course, I’m hosting the Queer Lit Readathon that starts next week. I’m excited for that! Other than that, nothing… Other major updates. If you have any questions, things you’re curious about what’s up with my life, comment below. I will answer them, if I can, or if I feel like it. And that’s it for today.

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