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Hello I’m Rogan and welcome! I just wanted to do a quick intro video to a potential new series, which I’m currently calling Title Talks. This series would be where I go more in-depth on specific books that might be too much to put in a wrap up, or I would prefer to have it separated from a larger video. It might be because I just really want to gush about it, it might be because I really didn’t like how it was done in terms of representation or something like that.

I’m also thinking that this could be a place where I talk in more detail about various series that I read. I am wanting to re-read a couple of them, and this would be a good place to be able to talk more about the individual books in the series, instead of just glossing over the later books. Related to that, would y’all prefer the series be all in one video, or a shorter individual video for each book in a series? What do you think would work better?

I probably won’t actually have the first video until March, but the first book I will be reviewing is This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story by Kacen Callender. I’ve been wanting to do it for this book because I really did not like how the deaf subplot was handled. We’ll see what other standalone books I review when we get there! The series I would like to re-read and discuss more in-depth here are the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane, the first book being So You Want to Be a Wizard, and the Matt Cruse series by Kenneth Oppel, the first book being Airborn. I want to see if they’re as good as I remember, because it’s been a long time since I read either of them.

That’s all! Let me know if there’s any books that I’ve previously read—or that you see in the future!—that you’d like to see an in-depth review of, and what I should do with the videos for book series.

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Hello there! I'm Rogan, a queer deaf guy who has a passion for leadership and advocacy. I create YouTube videos about a lot of different topics - being deaf, queer, reading, language, and whatever else interests me!

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