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Hello and welcome! I know, it’s been two months since my last post. Part of that is I just haven’t been motivated to make videos/posts. That’s part of it. Part of it is that I’ve just been busy doing things. I will give a quick sum up and catch you up on what I’ve been up to.

In August, I had a family reunion from my dad’s side of the family. It was really good to see them. I hadn’t seen many of them for a long time, years. So it was really good to have that short weekend with all of them getting together. Plus we had my two aunts and a cousin visiting for one week, so it was really good to see them. That was nice. So of course, because they were here, I wanted to focus on them, spend time with them.

Then I was involved in the Deaf artists retreat, over a long weekend. Several different Deaf artists got together, mostly from the PNW, some joined from other areas. This was just a great experience. I really enjoyed it, I went as an artist. And I do have a project from that. I still haven’t really started editing, but my goal is to do that while–over the next few weeks. That’s my goal. It was a really great experience. Meeting new people, working with some people that I’ve known for a while or followed for a while. It was a really rich experience. I’m now on the committee for that, and I’m really looking forward to the future, what happens from now on.

Right after the retreat, I went on a road trip from the retreat which was in west Washington, down through Oregon and to north California. Unfortunately, I had to cut it a little short, because the fires… It’s not great air quality. While I stopped by a beach, my car got broken into. I’m fine. It happened while I gone, and they stole mostly what had just sentimental value, nothing with monetary value. Most of what they stole was dirty laundry. So…suckers! Yes, it was annoying that my window was broken, but. The important thing is that I’m fine, things can be replaced. Nothing really valuable like my camera, laptop, iPad, none of that was stolen. So that’s the important part. And really, that trip was good. Getting out, sightseeing a little bit, visiting my friend in Oregon. It was good to see him for a few days.

Not long after the roadtrip finished, I got asked if I was available for a work trip. Sure, so I was arranging hotels, flights, all of that, making sure everything’s good to go for my trip to California and Colorado. I enjoyed it, it was a good trip. I enjoy the people I work with. It was ten days, but exhausting. I came back home, and had only a few days to rest before I went to catsit for a friend, and a friend was visiting from out of town for a week or so. That was really good to see them here, meeting in person, finally. I was taking them and showing them around Seattle, that was fun.

Now you’re mostly caught up on the last two months of what I’ve been up to. Last, but definitely not least, I’ve moved! This is a different location, you can’t tell because of the blank wall. But yes, trubiz! I now live in a house. I have three roommates, they’re all hearing and don’t know sign. But I’m working on it! This house is in the Green Lake area, close by. This is one of my favorite areas of Seattle, I just love this area. So I saw this place, oh yes. I was lucky to get this place. The rent is really good for this location. I just moved in, barely over a week now. I will not show the outside of the house, to protect my privacy and that of my roommates. I probably won’t give a house tour, probably not. But my room, yeah. Once I’m more settled in, have my room set up how I want it, then I’ll show you. For now, just know that I have my own place in Seattle now. I’m very excited about this, much closer to everything. Just happy I found this place, and that I can finally move.

So that’s the two months that I disappeared for. I wasn’t motivated partly because I was tired from all of my doings – work, friend visiting, travel, moving to a new place. And I just wanted to say hi, yes. I’m just busy, and not motivated. I might disappear again for a month? Because I’m leaving soon to travel for a friend’s wedding, visiting a friend, a bachelorette party. So… I will try to, when I have downtime, I will try to do videos and editing, yes. I will try, but no promises. Just saying, don’t be surprised if I disappear again for a month. Go ahead and leave in the comments if you have any questions about what I’ve been up to, or… Any exciting life updates with you all? Let me know! I miss making videos for you all! I’m hoping to get back into it, we’ll see. Thank you for watching, I hope to see you again soon!

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