Round 8 TBR | Queer Lit Readathon

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to my Queer Lit TBR. I’ll go over the books that I hope to read during this round. The reason why I said “hope” is because I’m working for half of this, a work trip. So… Two days are travel days, so I can get a lot of reading done during that time, but… We’ll see. I have six books on this list, so let’s just get into it.

One thing I want to mention before I continue. I built this list in a way that yes, I have six books, but I will prioritize two. Because those two, if I’m counting right, will cover ten, maybe eleven challenges. So… If nothing else, I will read two books.

The first book that I will read is Where We Go From Here written by Lucas Rocha. This is obviously the Group Read. It also meets Translated and Rainbow Cover. And… This one applies to most of these, books, because I’m getting most of these from the library, so it’ll go toward Something Borrowed.

Next, I’m planning to read Cattywampus written by Ash Van Otterloo. This will meet five challenges: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Host Rec, Beyond LGBT, and Queer Joy.

Next, I would love to read Cemetery Boys written by Aiden Thomas. It will meet three challenges: Trans Debut, Seasonal Vibes, and ??? – Choose Your Own Category. My own category is Reread.

Next, The Passing Playbook written by Isaac Fitzsimons. This will meet Queer Sports.

Approaching the end, I hope to read To Be Taught, If Fortunate written by Becky Chambers. This will meet Novella.

Last, but not least, I hope to read all of Paper Girls written by Brian K Vaughan and illustrated by Cliff Chiang. This will meet Cyberpunk.

One more challenge that I haven’t mentioned – 40%+ BIPOC authors. If I read all of these, or some, I should have no problem meeting this challenge. Because out of these authors, including the illustrator, I have four BIPOC and three white authors. From what I can tell.

That’s the six things I hope to read during this round. We’ll see how much I succeed in, because traveling for work will eat up some of my time, but I think I can do it, no problem.

Let me know what you’re reading for this round, what are you most excited for? Thanks for reading!

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