2021 Look Back, 2022 Goals

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to the first post of 2022! I want to look back at what I did in 2021, and what I would like to do in 2022. I’ll just be focusing on YouTube here. When I was starting to get ready for this post, I realized that I had made a similar post last year… And promptly forgot about it. So let’s review what I said in that, and see how I did! That video will be linked here if you want to see it for yourself. Also, any other video I mention will be linked. I started with talking about what videos I was proud of, and what I’d like to do differently. Let’s do that for 2021, shall we?

The videos I’m most proud of are my ASL translation of Defying Gravity, and finally finishing my art project, Maskenfreiheit. There’s not really much to say, I’m just really pleased with those two, and hope to do more like them this year! I got the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows as a Christmas gift, so I might be browsing that to inspire some artsy videos. I also have Lost In Translation, and have thought about doing some videos inspired by words in there, but I need to revisit it! As for what I’d do differently, I don’t think there’s much except background or the set up. One thing that I did recently get is a ring light, so if you’ve noticed the lighting in my videos is much better, that’s why!

As I’ve said several times on this channel, I don’t really believe in resolutions or specific, numbered goals. Instead, last year, I chose a theme which I think I’ll be continuing this year. The theme I chose is Consistency, and I don’t think I really succeeded in the way that I wanted. I essentially wanted to try and produce minimum of one video per week. I know I just said no numbers, but I wanted to have *something,* and I wasn’t being strict on when during the week. Just *a* video, to end the year with at least 52 videos. I started off pretty alright, maybe not every week, but put out videos semi-regularly. But then I dropped off during June and didn’t get back to being as consistent. This was when I’d started picking up a lot more work, due to vaccinations and things starting to open up again. I was also starting to play D&D, and running it! I ended the year with 29 videos, which isn’t terrible, but not where I’d like to be.

I also wanted to be better at continuing series, which I was very bad at last year. I was consistent (mostly) with only one series, my monthly book wrap ups. Those are easy, because I have a set way of doing them, so maybe that’s what I need to do for my other series. I have two series that I’m not great at updating – ASL Ponderings and Regional Signs. I talked about starting two – Rogue with Rogan, my cooking/baking series which I currently have only one video for, and Title Talks, which I haven’t really started. That one is where I plan to talk about individual books or book series more in-depth outside of my monthly wrap ups. This isn’t really a series, exactly, but I’ve really enjoyed doing ASL story times and have three made already. Making series videos will definitely be something I work on this year!

I hate to say this, because it means more work for me, but I have been thinking about the possibility of doing shorter form videos, because that format is becoming very popular now. There’s a version on nearly every major platform now – YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and obviously, TikTok. There’s a few ways of doing it. I could do clips from my regular YouTube videos to share on other platforms, or to act as a trailer of sorts? But I could also do exclusive content, though that is more work overall. I’m just putting it out there to see what happens!

Not completely related to YouTube, but one thing I want to do this year is start up a place where you can buy prints of my artwork. And possibly merch, but I don’t really know what that would look like, so if you’ve got ideas, let me know!

That’s it for this post. Feel free to leave your thoughts, questions, or whatever in the comments! I look forward to this year with you all. Bye!

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