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Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome. This is my TBR the Queer Lit Readathon. I fully forgot we were supposed to post this today, so… I’m doing this really quick. I already planned to make it a short post anyway, so not that much difference. What I’m doing today is I will tell you the names of the books I will read, and what challenges I picked the book for. Maybe one, two sentences of what the book’s about, but not in-depth, because… I’m the same as Kathy, we prefer not to know too much about what the story is, because that’s the whole point of reading a book! Let’s get into it! These books have a lot of overlaps in challenges. I’m not doing that here. I will just tell you the book, and each challenge once with the book I picked. I’m not going to complicate things.

The first book is: Tinderbox – The Untold Story of the Up Stairs Lounge Fire and the Rise of Gay Liberation. This is basically a history book about a really awful massacre that happened back in–around the 1970s. And… This will be a heavy book. We’re aware of that, this is the Group Read. We picked another book for the Group Read, Nimona. It’s much lighter, a graphic novel, it’s very cute. So if you feel this is too heavy, you can read that. I have the book, so I’ve been wanting to read it. This is a good time as any to read it. This will also cover Non-Fiction, LGBTQ+ History, and New to Me Author.

Next, I saw this one at Third Place Books, and knew I had to get it. The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors by Elizabeth Beier. It’s a Graphic Novel, that’s the challenge I picked it for. This is basically a memoir of Elizabeth as she breaks up with her long-term boyfriend, and figuring out things, dating women, the journey of figuring out she’s bi. I think it should be interesting, because I believe this is a part of her…or based on, inspired by, her stand-up routine, I think? So…

Next, Pet by Akwaeke Emezi. I’ve been wanting to read their other work. I’ve only read Freshwater so far, and that is kisses good. But I’m like come on, so this is the perfect opportunity to read another of their work. This will go for Neurodivergent, and Choose Your Own Category. I decided that would be nonbinary, because the main character in this is nonbinary. Pet is basically about the main character who lives in a world that has no monsters. Except… One shows up, and is hunting another monster? Something like that, I’m not sure. I don’t really understand, even the synopsis, I’m like okay, I think I understand but maybe I don’t? I’ll read it!

Next, Elatsoe. It has an Indigenous Main Character, and an Ace Main Character. This is about Elatsoe, who has the ability to…speak to the dead? Or animals, or… She can speak to spirits, or something like that. And she has some mystery she has to figure out. I believe this might be middle grade, I think? I’m not sure, but I really look forward to reading this!

Ana on the Edge. In the video, I spelled Edge because I’m not sure what the appropriate ASL sign is for that, yet. So I will read and figure that out. This is for Queer Sports. Ana is a skater, a figure skater. From my vague memory, she really doesn’t like frilly and sparkly things, she’s like why do I have to be that? Why? And she’s trying to figure out why she’s not like the others… Basically figuring out that she’s trans too, some form of being trans. But through the whole book, the pronouns she/her are used for Ana, because that’s where she is in her journey. I’ve been wanting to read this one too, I’m really looking forward to reading this.

Next, The Seafarer’s Kiss. I first saw this recommended by Kathy, I think that’s where I first saw it. This will go for Romance, Retelling, and Seasonal Vibes. This is a retelling of the Little Mermaid, and I think maybe a few other stories combined in there too? I’m not sure, but I know for sure it’s a retelling of the Little Mermaid. And…seasonal. I believe this happens fully in Antarctica or the Arctic, somewhere really, really cold all the time. If I remember that right. I’ll find out!

Next, Spellhacker. This goes for Science Fantasy, and Messy Queers. This is written by MK England. I’ve read one of their previous works, The Disasters. I really enjoyed The Disasters, it’s also sci-fi. Well, that was more specifically sci-fi. This is science fantasy, so specifically, magic and science combined in the same story. Again, this is another one I’ve been wanting to read, so woo! I really look forward to this one.

The last book, on my list. I don’t know, maybe I’ll read more. water/tongue. It’s a Poetry book. I know…I don’t remember anything about this. When I was looking through, I have a shelf on my GoodReads account, and I was looking, trying to find something. And this was also on my bisexual shelf if I remember correctly, so… This is a bisexual book of poetry.

That’s the eight books I plan to read during this round. Will I actually read eight? I don’t know. We’ll find out. Comment below any thoughts about these books I mentioned in this video. And also, be sure to check out Kathy and Bek’s TBRs too. I will link them below. And…that’s it. I’m really looking forward to this round, and I hope you join us!

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