Deaf and Queer (or Bi) | #BiWeek

Video: Bye (bi) week! *chuckling* Okay, that was a really bad joke, let’s move on. Hello, and welcome to another post. I know, so soon! I filmed this in advance then wrote it after editing and this is not scripted so… I don’t know how long this will be. So…I’m a bad bi person. IContinue reading “Deaf and Queer (or Bi) | #BiWeek”

Disability and Queerness | Deaf Awareness Month

Video: Welcome to the first post of Deaf Awareness Month! I’m starting off big – combining disability and queerness. I want to be clear here that when I say disability, I’m including physical, emotional, and educational disabilities. Basically, any kind of disability – and yes, I’m including deaf people in this. For those who aren’tContinue reading “Disability and Queerness | Deaf Awareness Month”

Invention of Heterosexuality | Queer History

Video: Publishing early since I’ll be out all day! Enjoy! What if I told you… Heterosexuality didn’t exist until 1934? Hello and welcome back! I’m being slightly silly. Heterosexuality as we know it today didn’t exist until 1934. The 1901 Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defined heterosexuality as an “abnormal or perverted appetite toward the opposite sex.”Continue reading “Invention of Heterosexuality | Queer History”

The Stonewall Riots | Queer History

Video: Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome back! Before we continue, if you’re a $5+ Patron, you can see a list of what I hope to have uploaded by the end of this month! I realized that I had a list, but no plans of which day and there’s only a couple weeks left so I’mContinue reading “The Stonewall Riots | Queer History”

Pulse Nightclub Shooting and UpStairs Lounge Fire | Queer History

Video: CW: Talking about death, shooting, arson. Image of burned body. Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome back. Before I continue, you probably already know that this post is going to be a heavy one since I’ll be talking about the two largest massacres of queer people in US history. This post will have some graphicContinue reading “Pulse Nightclub Shooting and UpStairs Lounge Fire | Queer History”

Pride Month, the Flag, and Gilbert Baker | Queer History

Video: Sorry about the delay in the blog post! Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome back! Okay, maybe it wasn’t a week’s break like I said, but I’m sure you’re all happy I’m back sooner! I’ve been really wanting to increase the number of queer posts/videos I have, and what better time to do that thanContinue reading “Pride Month, the Flag, and Gilbert Baker | Queer History”