National Photo Month/International Museum Day | VEDIM

Video: I'm alive! Day 18 of VEDIM, I was sick yesterday hence no video. I didn’t feel like doing anything for that day, so I’m doing it today. Kind of two days in one. Yesterday was technically a free day, so I could do whatever I wanted. But I had decided to use that day … Continue reading National Photo Month/International Museum Day | VEDIM

National Mill Day (Netherlands) | VEDIM

Video: Hello, I'm Rogan and welcome to day 13 of VEDIM! Today is the 13th, which is not really anything special in the US, BUT it is in the Netherlands. Some other countries as well, but mainly the Netherlands. What is it? National Mill Day. It celebrates mills that the Netherlands is famous for. It's not … Continue reading National Mill Day (Netherlands) | VEDIM

International Nurses Day | VEDIM

Video: Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome. It’s VEDIM day twelve, and it’s International Nurses Day. I’ll give a bit of history about that and a badass woman who basically founded modern-day nursing. International Nurses Day (IND) is an international day celebrated around the world on May 12th of each year, to mark the contributions nurses … Continue reading International Nurses Day | VEDIM